Quick Tips to Start Networking on LinkedIn
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Quick Tips to Start Networking on LinkedIn

Sep 3, 2015

Whether you’re actively looking for a job, or are a college student just starting to build a professional network, LinkedIn is a great way to make connections. The site has thousands of student jobs and internships. And more than 90% of companies use LinkedIn to recruit new hires. Read on for tips to help build your profile.

Quick Tips for Creating your Profile
Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your professional brand. You want it to effectively communicate your strengths, and speak directly to your audience—whether that’s potential customers, business contacts or other colleagues. To build a profile that will get you noticed by the right people, be sure to:

  • Include a professional photo. Members with profile photos receive 14x more profile views than those without!
  • Create a strong headline. Along with your picture, it’s the first thing your audience will see.
  • Try to use keywords that people may use to find you in both your headline and experience sections.
  • Know the top five strengths you want to be recognized for, and use them repeatedly throughout your profile. 


How to Update your LinkedIn Profile
You can go to your profile and move your cursor over any section and click to add or remove content. You can also individually add, change or remove content:

  1. Move your cursor over the “Profile” icon at the top of your homepage and select “Edit Profile.”
  2. Scroll to the section you'd like to edit and move your cursor over it.
  3. Click into the field and add or remove text.
  4. Click the “Save” button. 

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