Top 5 Reasons to Prep for the TOEFL® Test
Monthly insights specific to TOEFL® test day.

Top 5 Reasons to Prep for the TOEFL® Test

Jul 19, 2017

Prepping for the TOEFL® test takes time, but hard work before test day can help improve your scores and help you feel more confident. Here are 5 reasons why studying for the TOEFL® test can be a valuable step towards success!

1. Strengthen Your Weakest Skills

Focus on the sections of the test that are most challenging for you. Instead of spending time studying what you already know, challenge yourself to spend most of your time practicing the material that you aren’t familiar with.

2. Take the Pressure Off

Break down the test into small pieces to help make study sessions easier to manage. Some people may study for 15 minutes a day, while others may prefer a longer study session once a week. By tackling the test a little at a time, you may feel more prepared, so you can do your best on test day.

3. Get a Head Start 

In college, you will be expected to study for class and prepare for exams. Figuring out which study techniques work for you, while practicing for the TOEFL® test, may be beneficial in your long-term studies. Those techniques can then help when you begin to study for your courses abroad.  

4. Gain Confidence

Walk into test day ready for anything. Studying for the test will help you know what to expect. Feeling prepared and confident in your answers can help make test day easier.

5. Understand the Material

Become familiar with the material more and more every day, so you can respond to questions more easily on test day. Practice can also help answers come more naturally and help you feel more confident on exam day!  

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