5 Documents to Take with You When You Study Abroad
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5 Documents to Take with You When You Study Abroad

Oct 13, 2015

Your adventure abroad is approaching! Time to make sure you have the documents you need to travel and live overseas. Read on for the top five documents you might need as you prepare for your journey:

  1. Passport: Think of your passport as your key to unlocking an entire world of experiences! It’s the main document you need to travel in foreign countries, and also serves as your official identification as a citizen of your home country. If you do not already have a passport, be sure to apply for one at least two months before your travel date, as they can take time to process.
  2. Student visa: Your student visa allows you to travel abroad for a specific period of time. The process for getting a visa depends on the country, so be sure to find out what you need to do and plan ahead. Here are seven simple rules you should follow when applying for your student visa.
  3. International certificate of vaccination: Depending on where you live, you might be required to obtain this proof of vaccination before you study abroad. Talk to your doctor to make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date and to get a certificate. This document can also be found at your local travel agency or passport office. Find out more.
  4. Proof of age card: If you don’t want to carry your passport around with you wherever you go, look into getting a proof of age card before you study abroad. This card, used to verify your age, includes your name, date of birth, signature and photo. The card application is unique in every country, so check out regional websites to find more information.
  5. Address book: While you might have the contact information for all of your family and friends stored in your cell phone, you might not have your phone with you (or be able to use it in your host country). In case of an emergency, or just to keep in touch, it’s a good idea to bring an address book with all of your important contact information.

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