3 Popular Places to Study in Argentina
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3 Popular Places to Study in Argentina

Jun 14, 2016

In Argentina, study breaks may include dancing the tango, enjoying the local cuisine or even walking with penguins. This variety of exciting things to do and sights to see may be why almost 90,000 international students come to study in Argentina every year. Take a look at 3 cities where many students choose to study.

1. Buenos Aires: Home of Top-Ranked Universities

The majority of internationally ranked universities in Argentina are located in Buenos Aires. But that is just one of the reasons students choose to go there. With both traditional and modern neighborhoods, Buenos Aires is lively and exciting. Dance floors, cultural landmarks, a thriving art scene and plenty of cafés and restaurants make Buenos Aires a popular, vibrant destination.

2. Rosario: A River Port on the Rise

Soccer star Lionel Messi was born and raised in Rosario, an important river port which is home to the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Along the river bank, buildings have been revitalized and art galleries are opening often. One of the things the city might be best known for is its down-to-earth population. Imagine making your home away from home in this friendly environment! 

3. Ushuaia: The Southernmost Study Spot in the World

Want to look at the sea, mountains and forests all at the same time? Look no further than the city that sits the farthest south on the globe. You can take a trip from Ushuaia to visit with penguins, see seals or set out to watch orcas. There are plenty of wildlife and cultural attractions to keep you busy in this exciting city.

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